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Our foundation

We begin with the rather bold statement that we have discovered the greatest possible love ever. This Love surprises, pulls and moves us. It does not let us go. For this reason, our life has become an adventure of discovery into the source of this delightful, indefatigable reality guided by the one who delights us: Jesus of Nazareth, the one we call Christ. He teaches and supports us to see God as Father. He also promises us that his Spirit will lead us from within. In this trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - we are called to live and move as we learn to live the concrete paradoxes of humanity's deepest source for happiness ("lose to find", "receive by giving", "live by dying").


The pillars of our community

Within the traditional practices of 'cultus' (liturgy), 'communio' (community) and 'caritas' (service) we found the right building blocks for our community. Saint Augustine's understanding of these three practices is what informs us most. Of central importance in this is friendship with God as it grows through prayer and liturgy and becomes foundational for our mutual friendship.


First pillar: liturgy

Second pillar: community

Third pillar: service