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Liturgy of the hours

Morning prayer  
Monday - Friday 6 am                                  
Saturday Individually 
Sunday 8 am
Noontime prayer 12 am         
Monday - Thursday 7 pm            
Friday 6 pm
Saturday  5.15 pm
Sunday 6.30 pm


Sunday 10 am*      
Monday - Friday 6.30
Saturday                                                               11.45* and 8pm (Sunday service)

                    * together with the benedictine sisters

Silent adoration

Every Thursday evening after vespers we spend an hour in quiet adoration before the Holy Sacrament (7.30pm - 8.30pm). During Advent and Lent we reserve more time for silent prayer (see 'Calendar' around these times).


Thursday evenings

We regularly organise “Open Evenings” on Thursdays, with a discussion focusing on a particular theme, a meditation on a Bible passage, or a more relaxed get-together.


Easter Triduum

During Easter week we host a retreat intended to help all of us to experience and understand the Triduum more fully, in all her richness. An occasion not to be missed!